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A few random non-Rangers observations...

  1. The Astros' 3-4-5 hitters tonight are LF Orlando Palmeiro, 3B Morgan Ensberg, and 1B Jose Vizcaino
  2. My prediction that Eric Milton could break 50 homers allowed this season is looking pretty good. Milton, who was one of the three worst free agent deals from this offseason (Ordonez and Ortiz being the other two), currently is sporting a 7.21 ERA. And don't forget...this was a guy that the Rangers had targeted as a potential free agent acquisition...
  3. Two stories in Detroit not getting much attention: Carlos Guillen has picked up where he left off last season, suggesting he may being going through a Mark Loretta-esque late-career breakthrough, and Pudge Rodriguez has stopped hitting.
  4. Hee Choi and Nick Johnson are hitting like us statheads always thought they could.
  5. Brian Giles, who will be a free agent after the season, seems to have gotten his groove back. San Diego gave up a lot to get him (Oliver Perez and Jason Bay), and will probably try pretty hard to keep him around, but if he's interested in coming to Texas, I'd like to see the Rangers make a push for him this winter.