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M's interested in Laird?

With the Mariners having lost both Dan Wilson and Wiki Gonzalez to injury, the Seattle Times mentions Gerald Laird as a possible trade target.

If the freaking Mariners end up with Laird, I'm going to start breaking things.

This is probably just idle beat writer speculation, but still...we are talking about the best catcher in the organization, even if the Rangers refuse to acknowledge it and continue to leave him in AAA. He's continuing to hit, he's very good defensively, and he's still cheap...meanwhile, Barajas is continuing to play like the career scrub he has always been, and yet is still being given the vast majority of the starts for the Rangers.

Sigh. I'm going to throw up if this happens. Again, it is probably just speculation, not grounded in reality, but still, the very idea of this is troubling...