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Some notes on Sweeney-to-Texas

The FoxSports fantasy column touches on the rumor that will not die...Mike Sweeney for Kevin Mench...

The author claims that if "the Rangers are willing to take on most of Sweeney's salary and sacrifice Kevin Mench in the process, there's a deal to be made." Well, yeah. No joke. The problem with that is that Sweeney is overpaid, declining, and a health risk, while Mench is young, cheap and close to as productive as Sweeney is.

I like the idea of Sweeney coming to Texas as a DH, but not at the cost of Mench. If the Royals want to send Sweeney to Texas, with the Rangers paying about $27 million or so of his contract for the next three years, I'd do that, and maybe kick in a Matt Lorenzo or an Anthony Webster as part of the deal.

But Mench for Sweeney, and take all of Sweeney's contract? Not a chance...