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D'Angelo Jimenez DFA'd

The Reds have designated D'Angelo Jimenez for assignment...

The Rangers need to be on the phone with the Reds right now, finding out whether Cincy would take a middling prospect -- a Matt Lorenzo or a Ryan Snare or a Jeremy Cleveland -- in exchange for him.

Jimenez would be a perfect utilityman for the Rangers right now. Cheap, a career .264 EQA, someone you could plug in at any of the infield positions, and who can take over at second base if you decide to trade Soriano. All in all, he might have been better than Soriano last year.

Once upon a time, in fact, Soriano and Jimenez were together in the Yankee system, prospects whose merits were debated, with a lot of folks pegging Jimenez as the better long-term bet. Then Jimenez was in a car accident, broke his neck, lost some development time, got passed in the pecking order, and has since kicked around, going from San Diego to Chicago to Cincy to, well, somewhere else now.

He's reputed to have a bit of an attitude problem, which probably puts him on the blacklist as far as Texas is concerned, but he's someone the Rangers should try to acquire if he doesn't cost much, and at the very least put in a waiver claim on him. He's a big improvement over DeRosa, and makes dealing Soriano later in the season easier to swallow, particularly if Kinsler and Arias are still struggling.