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The Soriano situation

Alfonso Soriano for the season is hitting .272/.301/.538.

Horrible OBP, but great power, overall pretty good for a second baseman.

Let's remember, though...early season sample sizes are small enough that they can be skewed. And in Soriano's case, a lot of his production has been derived from a four game explosion earlier in May, when he went 10 for 16 with a couple of walks, 2 doubles, and 5 homers.

Almost half his home runs on the season came from that four game stretch.

Before then, he was hitting .256/.276/.462. Since that four game stretch ended, he's hitting .200/.234/.333.

Take away those four consecutive games -- one at Oakland, three at home against Cleveland -- and Soriano is hitting .234/.268/.426.

I expect his numbers to continue to drop going forward.

And personally, what I'd love to see happen is the Rangers move him now, with the creative sort of move Billy Beane likes to make, using Soriano to shore up another area.

You think the Royals might be willing to deal Mike Sweeney if they could get Alfonso Soriano in return, figuring Soriano would be easier to trade later in the season? Or maybe send him to the Mets for Mike Cameron?

With D'Angelo Jimenez available, the Rangers could grab him, flip Soriano for either a DH or an outfielder, and end up strengthening their team for the stretch run without actually having to give up any prospects or any of the players who are likely to contribute to the team next year.

Something to think about...