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Vlad Nunez traded

The Rangers have traded Redhawk reliever Vlad Nunez to the Cardinals for a player to be named later.

This is kind of interesting on a couple of fronts...Nunez was considered a hot dark-horse candidate to make the Ranger pen out of spring training, and it was primarily thought he missed out because there was no room on the 40 man roster for him. He was unimpressive in AAA, though, and given the number of injuries the Rangers have had in the bullpen so far this season, the decision must have been made that Regilio and Loe, among others, were far enough ahead of Nunez that he could be spared.

It will also be interesting to see if the Rangers get an organizational depth guy in exchange for Nunez, or if they actually get someone who might be considered a prospect, albeit a fringe prospect. The Cards have had problems with their pen this season, and thus it wouldn't be too surprising if they end up calling Nunez up at some point. If he's been identified as someone who can be a contributor out of the pen, they might actually be willing to part with a player who might have some value.