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Angels lose K-Rod

The Anaheim Angels suffered another big hit today, as closer Francisco Rodriguez has been placed on the d.l. with a strained right forearm. The move was made retroactive to May 15, but there's no word initially on how long he's expected to be out.

Combined with the Vlad Guerrero injury, this is a pretty serious double whammy for the Angels.

Buck Showalter, incidentally, provides some unintentional hilarity with this quote from the DMN on the Vlad Guerrero injury...

"I don't know how significant it is - you have to tell me," Rangers manager Buck Showalter said before his team's win Sunday. "I consider Carlos Almanzar and Frank Francisco and Ryan Bukvich and Greg Colbrunn and R.A. Dickey to be significant injuries."

Sure thing, Buck...the Ryan Bukvich, Greg Colbrunn and R.A. Dickey injuries should be mentioned in the same category as the Angels losing their best player...