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Verducci on trade possibilities

In Tom Verducci's mailbag column today, he jumps on the "Sweeney to Texas" bandwagon (or at least mentions Texas as a good fit for Sweeney)...

As I've mentioned before, I like the idea of Sweeney to Texas, but not at the cost of significant prospects...

Verducci also mentions the Reds' need to move one of their outfield quartet (Adam Dunn, Austin Kearns, Wily Mo Pena, and Junior Griffey). The Reds would want young, quality pitching in return, which would complicate matters for the Rangers if they wanted to try to make a deal, but all of those guys are interesting.

Dunn, in particular, I love, and would be willing to see the Rangers part with a significant package (say, Laynce Nix, John Danks, and Joaquin Arias) to pick him up.