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Last night's game...

Okay, so I attended last night's game, and there were a couple of things I thought were a bit odd...

  1. There were some guys who were yelling and waving brooms through much of the game. Yeah, yeah, I know, brooms, sweep...I always thought that was kind of silly anyway, but for a series in May against the AAA-caliber Royals?
  2. There were loud, obnoxious Royals fans there. Well, they were loud and obnoxious until about the third inning, when they piped down. But still...who would have thought?
Blalock's error, I thought, was clearly an error. Nice round of applause from the crowd, although probably half the folks there seemed to be baffled about why Blalock was getting a (partial) standing ovation for an error.

Laynce Nix seems to be getting into a pretty good groove with the bat.

Kenny Rogers looked unimpressive, I thought, but facing the Royals, it didn't really matter.