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Brian Sabean scorching the earth...

In an apparent attempt to make sure the Giants have nothing left once Barry Bonds retired, the Giants have traded Jerome Williams and David Aardsma to the Cubs for LaTroy Hawkins.

Unbelievable. Incredible, incredible trade for the Cubs, who have picked up two very nice young arms for an older, decent reliever who is overvalued because of his "saves".

I love Jerome Williams, even with his awful start this year, and immediately began trying to conjure up ways to pry him from the Cubs...Soriano for Todd Walker and Williams, maybe? I don't know if the Cubs are going to plug Williams in the rotation immediately to replace Prior, who is apparently looking at two months on the shelf, or if Williams will stay in AAA, but this is a tremendous pickup for Chicago.

For the Giants, it is a sign that they expect Bonds back at some point this season, and is an attempt to try to shore up their pen to keep them afloat until Bonds returns. It makes sense to try to keep your window of opportunity open for as long as the best player of the last half-century is still active, but nonetheless, this is an awful trade for the Giants. Williams and Aardsma should fetch more than freaking LaTroy Hawkins.

As an addendum, as I was writing this post, I flipped over to the The Transaction Oracle, who isn't nearly as impressed with this deal as I am, which surprises me a bit. Regardless, I still think this is a steal for Chicago...