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Danks promoted

Per the NMLR, John Danks has been promoted to AA Frisco from high-A Bakersfield.

There was talk that the Rangers' last two first rounders -- Danks and Thomas Diamond -- would start the season at Frisco, something that I was leery of, given that Diamond was less than a year removed from college and given Danks' struggles at high-A last season.

Both ended up in Bakersfield to start the year, and both have pitched well, although I'm a bit surprised that it was Danks, rather than Diamond, who was called up first.

It has been said that the biggest leap in baseball is from A-ball to AA, and while I follow players below the AA level, I tend to not get too excited about them until they have success at the AA level. So Danks' performance in Frisco should be worth watching. I haven't gone back and looked through the Texas League rosters, but my guess is that he (along with teammate Joaquin Arias) is one of the four or five youngest players in the Texas League this year.