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Indians DFA Ryan Ludwick

Former Rangers prospect Ryan Ludwick, who was deal to the Cleveland Indians for Ricardo Rodriguez in July of 2003, has been designated for assignment by the Indians to make room on the roster for Juan Gonzalez.

I've always liked Ludwick, who fought back from a hip fracture that could have ended his career. He's a tweener in the outfield -- not really good enough defensively for centerfield, doesn't hit well enough to play a corner spot -- but he's got some value as a bench guy. He appears to have gotten caught in a numbers game in Cleveland, but I'm not sure if the Indians are going to try to get him through waivers, or are going to work on trading him.

I'd like to see the Rangers put in a waiver claim on him, either to take Chad Allen's spot on the 25 man roster (I think he'd definitely be an upgrade over Allen in the backup outfielder/righty DH role) or, if he has options left, to go down to the minors and play everyday for Oklahoma or Frisco. The Rangers shouldn't have any 40 man roster issues right now, given the number of guys who could be moved to the 60 day D.L., so it would be nice to see him brought back.

In the meantime, I'm curious to see how long Juan Gone stays healthy. I'll put his next injury date at June 23...

Update [2005-5-31 15:28:26 by Adam J. Morris]: -- I'm not the only one interested in Ludwick...the guys at U.S.S. Mariner want Seattle to pick him up...