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Riley DFA'd

Matt Riley has been designated for assignment to make room on the 25 man roster for the newly promoted Kam Loe.

I'm surprised by this...I would have figured that they could stash him on the d.l. for the time being, let him have a 30 day rehab assignment at AAA, and see where he goes from there.

The Rangers will likely try to slide him through waivers in the next few days...the Orioles dealt him to Texas because they felt like they weren't going to be able to get him through, but Riley's poor performance thusfar this season may have led the Rangers to believe that he wouldn't be claimed.

I would guess that someone will put in a claim, which makes this move somewhat disappointing. I wasn't as fired up about Riley as a lot of folks were, but he does have a live arm, and seemed to be worth hanging onto for at least a while longer.