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More moves imminent

According to Evan Grant, Juan Dominguez and C.J. Wilson are both en route to Florida to join the Rangers.

There's no indication, at this point, whether either or both pitchers are definitely going to be added to the 25 man roster, or whether this is just a precautionary move, in light of the elbow problems Nick Regilio is reportedly dealing with.

If Regilio is hurting, the Rangers could option him back to AAA to make room for Dominguez or Wilson, or they could put him on the D.L. In addition, either Andres Torres or Marshall McDougall will have to go down to make room for Ricardo Rodriguez when he makes his start on Sunday. It could be that Torres will go down now, to give the Rangers an extra pitcher in the pen for the time being, with that extra pitcher -- probably Wilson -- then getting sent back to the minors on Sunday.

As another alternative, the Rangers could have decided to cut Pedro Astacio loose, although that's not something that I think is real likely just yet.

Something in T.R. Sullivan's notes in the S-T that was encouraging was that Jon Daniels, in explaining the rationale behind DFA'ing Drese, noted that the Rangers felt good about the starting pitching depth that the Rangers have in the minors, specifically mentioning John Hudgins as someone who could get a look later on in the year. Hudgins is a guy who seems to have been lost in the shuffle, to a certain extent, despite having pitched extremely well while in the Rangers organization, and I'm hoping that this is an indication that Hudgins will get a chance as the season goes on.