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Phil Garner, master of the double switch

So, in tonight's Houston/Toronto game, Chad Harville came in to relieve Wandy Rodriguez in the top of the 7th.

Since the pitcher's spot was up first in the bottom of the 7th, Phil Garner gave us the exciting, strategic, what-makes-N.L.-ball-great double-switch.

Can't let the pitcher's spot come up at the start of the inning, after all...

But here's the thing...when he did the double-switch, he swapped out catchers, replacing Humberto Quintero with Brad Ausmus.

So now...Brad Ausmus is leading off the bottom of the 7th.

Now, if you are going to do a double-switch, wouldn't it make more sense to actually swap in a guy who can hit a little for the pitcher? Personally, I don't see how you are any worse off with Chad Harville leading off the inning than you are with Ausmus.

Rather than going with the brilliant, N.L.-iphile double-switch, why not just...NOT do a double-switch, and let someone who can hit a little pinch hit for Harville in the 7th?

I don't get is like Garner went into knee-jerk double-switch mode because the pitcher was coming up next, without actually thinking about the ramifications.

Or else he just wanted to show off for Blue Jay manager John Gibbons, show him how the N.L. rolls...