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Longhorn J.P. Howell makes his major league debut

J.P. Howell, a supplemental first round pick out of the University of Texas at Austin last year, made his major league debut for the Royals on Saturday, going 5 innings and giving up just one run on four hits, striking out 8 and walking just 2 Diamondbacks.

Howell was someone that was thought to be a possible Ranger target with their second first-rounder in 2004, although the Rangers passed on Howell, a small, finesse lefty, in order to take high schooler Eric Hurley, who better fits with the current regime's desire for pitchers who throw hard.

Remarkably fast ascendence up the ladder for Howell...other than Huston Street, I can't think of another 2004 draftee, off the top of my head, who has already made his major league debut.