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Semi-coherent Fraley rantings

A new Just Venting column from Gerry Fraley just went up, featuring his usual brand of twisted logic and unsupported accusations.

According to Fraley, sending down Chad Allen instead of Marshall McDougall is indicative of "panic" by the Rangers' front office, because McDougall wasn't a major league invitee this spring, and Allen is hitting .351 against lefties. That ignores the fact that Allen isn't a good player, and that McDougall has been hitting well in AAA and can play multiple positions. The error was in not inviting McDougall to the major league camp, not in keeping him on the roster instead of Allen.

Fraley has also declared that anything other than a playoff appearance is a "colossal failure" on the part of the Rangers, because of Ryan Drese being waived, and that John Mayberry Jr. was a bad draft pick because he's from Stanford.

Gerry Fraley makes me look pro-management...