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Hicks on mid-season trades

Tom Hicks says that the Rangers can add payroll, if need be, if they can make a trade to bolster the team for a playoff run. That is with the caveat, however, that they don't want to deal the key parts of the minor league system in order to do so.

My initial reaction was to be cynical, but really, in looking at it, this is pretty good news. I don't want to see the Rangers make a Kazmir-for-Zambrano type deal, or a Williams-and-Aardsma-for-Hawkins trade. If they can add a piece or two without paying too much, then they need to do it. But if you are talking about giving up Danks and Kinsler for Danys Baez, or something like that, then pass...the window of opportunity is going to be open for a little while...