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Jason Standridge up, Pedro Astacio gone

According to the Daily Oklahoman, the Rangers are purchasing the contract of Jason Standridge, and designating Pedro Astacio for assignment.

Standridge hasn't been all that good for Oklahoma this season, posting a 4.50 ERA for the season, with a terrible 47/36 K/BB ratio in 76 innings. It isn't clear whether Standridge is going to the pen, with John Wasdin or Kam Loe going to the rotation, or whether Standridge will take Astacio's spot in the rotation.

This move surprises me...Buck Showalter's comments after Astacio's last start seemed to suggest that Buck wanted to give Astacio a little more time, although Standridge's contract situation -- he could become a free agent if he wasn't called up by today -- could have forced the move.

Still, I'm a bit curious about who the driving force behind this decision is...Dom Chiti is the minor league guy now, and one of Hart's cronies from way back. If Buck was reluctant to cut bait with Astacio, it could be Chiti who pushed Hart to make the move.