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Wilfredo Rodriguez pulled tonight

It appears that Wilfredo Rodriguez, the scheduled starter for the Redhawks tonight, was pulled after facing just one batter tonight, striking out the leadoff hitter in the bottom of the first, and then being replaced by Justin Thompson.

I have nothing that indicates why that occurred. However, it would seem to have to be one of three things:

  1. He was hurt
  2. He was ejected
  3. He is being called up
If it were #3, it would seem most likely that he would have been pulled before the game started. However, word might not have come down until game time, or else the powers that be may have decided that, since he was the announced starter, he needed to face at least a batter before being pulled.

We'll see. And I'll update this as soon as I hear something. But I wouldn't be surprised if Wilfredo were on his way to Anaheim for tomorrow night's game with the Angels, with Jason Standridge being DFA'd.

C.J. Wilson, his struggles today notwithstanding, is getting high marks from Buck for his poise, and thus will be getting another start against. With an offday on Thursday, it would seem to make some sense to skip Wilson's start, or bump him back, but we'll have to see what happens...

Update [2005-6-19 22:19:6 by Adam J. Morris]: -- I'm guessing Wil Rodriguez was called up. According to Evan Grant in Monday's DMN...

The Rangers are considering tweaking the roster for the Angels series and adding a left-handed reliever because the Angels have four left-handed hitters. LHP Michael Tejera is eligible to be recalled today. ...

I'm think Rodriguez is the lefty they are adding....