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The Clemens thing...

Much buzzing today throughout the media on the possibility of Roger Clemens going to Texas...

As I've said before, I'd be willing to pay a pretty steep price to get Clemens. If it means we have to give up Danks or Diamond as part of the package, then you have to bite the bullet and do it. The A.L. West is as vulnerable as it has been since the last time the Rangers were in the playoffs, and the Rangers are in a position where, if they can fill a couple of holes, they could really make some noise for the first time in their history.

And the biggest of those holes is another starting pitcher. Right now, if we go into the playoffs, the playoff rotation would be Kenny Rogers, Chris Young, and Chan Ho Park. The difference between that and Roger Clemens, Rogers, and Young is huge...and could well mean the difference between getting out of the first round or getting knocked out again. Or, even worse, the difference between even making the playoffs or finishing a game or two behind Anaheim.

There are other moves that would need to be made -- in particular, getting a legitimate righthanded bat. Having Andres Torres come up to pinch hit last night really drove home the point about how weak the Ranger bench is, and that's something that has to be addressed.

But that's relatively easy to fill. That's not going to cost a Danks or a Diamond.

But getting one of the best pitchers in baseball is going to cost a lot. It is going to mean giving up one of our best prospects. And really, if the Rangers aren't willing to give up a Danks or a Diamond to get Clemens -- if that's what it takes to outbid Boston or New York -- then they aren't serious about being playoff contenders this season.