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A few other Rangers issues...

Hank Blalock, apparently taking a cue from Alfonso Soriano, went to see Buck Showalter today when he learned he was not in the lineup, and then knocked over a "box of candy" in the Rangers' locker room in a fit of pique...

Showalter, of course, gave his standard "we want them to want to play" quote. But the question I have is, what is a "box of candy" doing in the locker room? Are the locker room attendants at the CoPa trying to make the visitors sick from eating too much chocolate before the game? And what kind of candy was it that was knocked over? These sorts of crucial details always seem to be missing from these stories...

Also, Buck suggested that, with a stretch of games against N.L. teams coming up beginning on Tuesday that will be played under N.L. rules, the Rangers might call up Gerald Laird to give them an extra bench player, with one of the relievers going down.

The weird thing, though, is this quote from Buck:

"If there is a need, we'd consider it," manager Buck Showalter said. "He runs well. He can play some other positions."

Gerald Laird runs well and can play some other positions? I have to believe that, it has been so long since Buck thought about Laird, he's forgotten who he is. He's probably gotten Laird mixed up with Cody Ransom or somebody like that.

Actually, I think that they would call up Laird just to torment me. They'll probably call him up, and he'll get 2 ABs and no starts while Barajas and Alomar every game and go a combined 0 for 23.