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Marshall McDougall

He's had one at bat in two weeks on the time.

With Soriano out with an injury, Buck insisted on starting Mark DeRosa in every game.

Now, with Mike Young out because his wife is in labor, once again, DeRosa gets the start.

I don't get it. DeRosa is a short-term solution as a utilityman, and has been awful this year.

McDougall is someone who could fill this role for a few years, and who was hitting extremely well in AAA.

Why do you call up a prospect -- even a fringe prospect, like McDougall -- just to bury him on the bench? Why give him an at bat his first day up, and then forget about him?

I don't get it. It is almost like Buck is making a point with McDougall...he may have to be up to give the team depth, but that doesn't mean he's going to actually get to play. McDougall isn't a Manny Alexander or a Donnie Sadler, after all, someone with good face who plays the game the right way, I guess...