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Gammons on Astacio, then and now

Gammons on Astacio, April 22, 2005:

Credit John Hart with what early returns show to be one of the best free agent signings in Pedro Astacio, who in his first three starts allowed four runs in 22 innings. Astacio has come up with a nasty fastball that runs across the inside corner against lefties, and as Buck Showalter points out, "because he survived so well at Coors [he pitched 200 innings there three times, no one else did it twice], he is perfect for our park. He has the perfect makeup for a hitters' park."

Gammons on Astacio, June 18, 2005:

The Rangers felt they could go no further with Ryan Drese and Pedro Astacio.

In less than two months, from one of the best free agent signings of the offseason to someone the Rangers could "go no further with."

Astacio, as expected cleared waivers and has been released. No Jason Fransz or Rick Asadoorian for him...