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Vince Sinisi update

As I mentioned last night, Vince Sinisi was promoted from high-A Bakersfield to AA Frisco.

Sinisi was mashing the ball in the California League, but I had some concerns about how well he'd adjust to AA. He is, after all, old to be in A-ball, and the jump from high-A to AA is considered by some to be the biggest leap in baseball.

Well, today, in his first AA at bat, Sinisi homered off of Wichita's Kyle Middleton.

Yeah, I doesn't really mean anything. He could very easily end up going 1 for his next 26 for Frisco.

But still, this, along with the performances of the DVD trio, is pretty neat. And one of the nice things about the way baseball is set up is, even after a crappy road trip like this one, you can look at what someone like Sinisi is doing, and get a lift.

Particularly given everything Sinisi has had to fight through, the multiple surgeries he's gone through over the past year, just to get back to where he is now.

What he is doing down there is awfully exciting, particularly for a team like the Rangers, who need some positional prospects to step up. And while I'm not one who normally gets too worked up about off-the-field inspirational-type stuff, given the hurdles Sinisi has had to overcome to salvage his career, it makes it real easy to root for him.