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Garrett Anderson

I really don't like him.

And I think he just slammed the door on the Rangers' playoff hopes.

Assuming the Rangers don't come back from this 5-1, 11th inning deficit, they'll have gone 8-17 over their last 25 games.

As the old adage goes, you can't win your division early in the season, but you can lose it. And the Rangers, by completely spitting the bit in the month of June, have given the division away.

If the A's hold on to beat Seattle, the Rangers are just going to be 2.5 games ahead of Oakland.

I don't know what is going on in Arlington right now, but this seems like a team that is in a tailspin. The "chemistry", the confidence, the verve that we saw last year appears to have disappeared.

All we can hope for at this point is for the young players to get things levelled out a bit, and for the organization to prepare to cut bait with some vets with no future here (yes, I'm talking about you, Richard "11 for his last 78" Hidalgo, and you, Doug Brocail).