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Sheffield and the Rangers

Joel Sherman of the New York Post says that the Yankees are shopping around Gary Sheffield, and says that the Rangers have a definite interest in him. Sherman indicates that Laynce Nix could be the center of a package to land Sheffield, although it isn't clear if that is Sherman's speculation of what the Rangers would be willing to offer, or if he has something more to go on.

Not sure how I feel about this. Sheffield is under contract through 2006 at $13 million per season, and is still a potent offensive force. But given the team's June collapse, a Sheffield acquisition would seem to be primarily to shore up next year's squad, and dealing Nix would open up a hole in center field (although Nix's inability to hit has been a major factor in the June swoon).

Putting Mench and Sheffield in the outfielder corners would be a big boost to the offense, while allowing Botts to step into the DH role. I like the idea of Sheffield being a Ranger, but the question would be, at what cost. While I've gotten down on Nix, I don't know that Nix, plus other prospects, is worth giving up for Sheffield.