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Dayn Perry with a Clemens trade suggestion

Dayn Perry, who writes for BP and Fox Sports, has a piece up on a proposed Clemens to Texas deal. As he explains it:

We call this here feature the Mock Stove League, in which I put forth a hypothetical trade that, in the dark recesses of my coconut, makes sense for both teams. You know, everybody wins and all that.

His proposal is Diamond and Kinsler for Clemens, something that he, as an outsider, thinks is a fair deal for both teams and a reasonable exchange.

(Diamond or Danks) plus (Kinsler or Arias) has been the formula I've been thinking it would take to get serious in the bidding, and while I would rather part with Arias in this deal than with Kinsler, I think Perry's proposal is a fair one for Texas, and if I'm John Hart, I make that trade.