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You Make The Call On Rogers

You, gentle reader, are the General Manager of the Texas Rangers. You have the task of deciding what actions, if any, the team will take against Kenny Rogers. This isn't about whether you like him or hate him, or how stupid you think he is. It's about how you would handle his unprofessional, disruptive behavior, damage to the image of the franchise, and damage to the team's ability to win games.

If I were John Hart, I'd give Rogers thirty days of unpaid vacation. I would also insist upon anger management counseling (and make an announcement of it as a public relations gesture). Finally, I would insist that Rogers give a very public statement of contriteness followed by an announcement that he will gladly speak to the media, but only after his suspension is complete and only regarding topics unrelated to the incidents of the past few weeks.

How would you handle the Rogers situation? ("Waive Hidalgo" is not an acceptable answer.)