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The Soriano injury

Soriano tweaked his hamstring late in today's game, and the DMN's Evan Grant indicates that Soriano's status is still up in there air, although the D.L. is a possibility.

Grant suggests that, if Soriano is going to be out a couple of days, Mark DeRosa will start at second base while he's out (yay!!!), although that would leave the Rangers with no backup infielders in the interim.

If Soriano is going to be gone long enough to go on the d.l., though, Ian Kinsler would apparently be the choice, and would come up and start at second while Soriano is gone.

There apparently has still not been a decision made about whether or not to add another position player for the six-game stretch of games in N.L. parks (and thus, played under N.L. rules, with no DH) this coming week, but it may be that, if Soriano is going to be out a few games, Kinsler will be brought up anyway.

Gerald Laird's name had been brought up as a possibility to sit on the bench and be insurance, so that Buck could pinch hit for his catchers and still have someone who could catch on the bench, but Kinsler would provide more versatility.

The problem with Kinsler is that he's not on the 40 man roster right now. Adding him shouldn't be a problem -- room can easily be made for him, and he'd be added at season's end anyway -- but once it is time for him to go back down, the Rangers would burn their first option on him.

Ideally, Kinsler will play will enough that his option situation should never become an issue, but still, using an option for such a short stint is something you'd like to try to avoid doing. Nevertheless, if Soriano isn't close to 100% tomorrow, I expect Kinsler to be up, with probably Kam Loe sent down to make room for him.