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Regilio down, Michael Tejera up

In what is a rather strange move, the Rangers have apparently optioned Nick Regilio to AAA, and are calling up lefty reliever Michael Tejera.

Tejera was picked up off of waivers last season from the Marlins, was slapped around in 6 outings, got dropped from the 40 man roster, and then was brought back as an NRI this spring.

Tejera was pretty good at AAA -- a 2.55 ERA in 17 2/3 IP, with a 17/7 K/BB ratio -- but still, him getting the call to be the third lefty in the pen is rather inexplicable. Particularly since Regilio is the pitcher sent down...after an awful start to the season, Regilio had seemed to have earned Showalter's confidence as a setup man, but some shaky outings of late (he had a 5.40 ERA since the end of April) appear to have cost him his job.

Regilio and Loe are the two pitchers in the pen with options remaining, and Kam Loe's strong recent performances apparently gave him the edge.

Tejera apparently could become a free agent if he wasn't added to the 25 man roster by June 14, but even taking that into account, this isn't a move that makes a whole lot of sense, to me. I guess it feeds into the team's desire to keep as much depth as possible, even if it means sending someone down so that they can call up a minor leaguer who would otherwise be lost.

Still, I don't see that this makes the team any better...