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Drese Redux, and Joaquin Benoit

I mentioned last night that the Rangers might be inclined to send Ryan Drese -- who I believe has an option remaining -- down to AAA, in light of his struggles this year, and let Ricardo Rodriguez take his spot in the rotation.

In the S-T today, T.R. Sullivan indicates another possibility is being discussed -- moving Drese to the long man role, and putting Joaquin Benoit into the rotation.

Although I'm probably one of the bigger Joaquin Benoit supporters around (not that that is saying a whole lot), I think that would be an awful move. Benoit has consistently pitched much better out of the pen that in the rotation -- his career ERA as a reliever is over 2 runs lower than his career ERA as a starter, and he's been one of the few effective relievers out of the pen this year, posting a 0.63 ERA.

It seems like flipping Benoit and Drese would just result in having another ineffective pitcher added to an already ineffective bullpen, while pulling out one of the few strong parts of the pen in order to put Benoit in a role that he doesn't seem capable of handling. If anything, Benoit needs to be moved from a long man role into more of a middle relief/setup role, rather than bumping him to the rotation.

Sullivan also brings up the possibility of Ricardo Rodriguez, who is pitching tonight for the Redhawks, and who has a sub-3 ERA for the season for Oklahoma. I think that RicRod situation is worth watching...if he gets scratched, or gets pulled early despite pitching effectively, then that would speak volumes...