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Ryan Drese designated for assignment


I thought he was in jeopardy, but I also thought he had an option left.

I assume that, at this point, the Rangers are going to try to run him through waivers and send him to the minors, under the assumption that no one is going to want to claim Drese and be on the hook for his contract.

Still, this is a pretty bold move. I assume RicRod is coming up on Saturday.

In the meantime, Ron Mahay has also been put on the d.l., Gary Matthews, Jr., has been activated, and Nick Regilio has been recalled.

I would assume that, when Saturday comes around, either Regilio or Marshall McDougall will be optioned back to AAA, although there is a chance that the Rangers could cut DeRosa loose.

Update [2005-6-8 17:36:26 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Also, per Jamey Newberg, Nick Masset has been removed from the 40 man roster, cleared waivers, and been outrighted to Frisco. Surprising, mainly because the organization seems to like Masset, notwithstanding his slow start, and there didn't seem much need to run him through waivers and remove him from the 40 man, given the current state of the roster.

Update [2005-6-8 18:17:16 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Update #2 -- T.R. Sullivan is reporting that Ricardo Rodriguez will be called up Sunday, to take Drese's spot in the rotation.