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Media reactions to the Drese DFA

Not surprisingly, Gerry Fraley seems to hate the move, although he's typically vague in his reasoning. He also indicates that John Hart has been nowhere to be found recently, and suggests that another power struggle could be in the works at TBIA. That's the first suggestion I've heard of anything along those lines, although I can't say it would be shocking...I don't think that the Highest Paid G.M. In Baseball will hang onto his position for too long.

Evan Grant also reports on the move, indicating that the Rangers have gone ahead and put Drese on waivers, and that several scouts expect him to be claimed. If another team claims Drese, that team would be on the hook for the remainder of Drese's deal -- he's owed $1.75 million for 2006. If Drese clears waivers, he would be outrighted to Oklahoma.

Grant suggests that, if another team claims Drese, that would allow the Rangers to use the money they save to acquire another starting pitcher. Given that the Rangers' payroll is in the bottom third of the league, and given that we keep hearing that the Rangers have "financial flexibility" and that they didn't sign guys this offseason so that they could add payroll mid-season, I don't see that Drese's situation should have much to do with it.