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Reviewing Scouts' Honor

BP's free section today includes Nate Silver's review of Scouts' Honor, a book intended to repudiate, to a certain extent, some of the ideas set forth in Moneyball. Much of Silver's review goes through explaining why he believes that many of the Braves' philosophies compliment, rather than contradict, the A's' philosophies set forth in "Moneyball".

I'm actually more interested in reading the book after Silver's review than I was before -- the book walks through how the Atlanta Braves have built such a successful organization -- although Silver seems disappointed in the end result. Silver says, at the end:

I don't doubt that Shanks has done an adequate job of elucidating the Braves' organizational philosophy. Nor do I doubt that any baseball team that applies these sorts of principles, and applies them effectively, is likely to see far more success than failure. It's disappointing, however, that Shanks spends so much time talking about philosophy, and so little time talking about the execution of those philosophies. What does distinguish the Braves from the Devil Rays? We never really find out.