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More on hating ESPN announcers...

I was complaining about Chris Berman on Monday, but really, there are a bunch of bad ESPN announcers.

Well, at another blog, they've found a way to turn hating ESPN announcers into a game...

As they explain:

Our task is simple: to determine, via a time-tested method (the 64-team elimination tournament as seen in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, which ESPN used to show in its pre-sucking days) which ESPN broadcasting personality is the most totally loathsome and most deserves to suffer permanent paralysis of the vocal cords.

The rules are simple:

Vote for the person you like the least in the comments to the appropriate entry.

One person, one vote.

Posts shall remain active for at least 48 hours, at which time I will call the winner and close comments.

Other comments are welcome.

If a contest is close, I may send it to overtime. Contests may also remain up longer for weekends and holidays.

I am the sole judge.

I like...

The first round has just started, with the first sub-regional underway.

Stuart Scott, shockingly enough, is a #1 seed.

I've cast my votes...I'd encourage everyone to head on over and participate, and bookmark the site so you can continue to vote as the rounds advance...