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Marlins DFA Leiter

The Florida Marlins have designated Al Leiter for assignment.

I'm guessing the Rangers will take a look at him, but I wouldn't expect him to end up here. If the Marlins waive him, a team could claim him and assume the remainder of his 1 year, $8 million deal. I'd be surprised if anyone claims him...more likely, Florida will send him elsewhere for a fringe prospects, and pick up most of his salary. Atlanta might make some sense...Leo Mazzone has turned around worse pitchers than Leiter...

I seem to recall Leiter having said, in the past, he wants to stay in the N.L. Given his age and struggles this year, I wouldn't be surprised if he retired if the Rangers did acquire him. Seeing as how he's been awful this year, and is three years removed from his last season with a quality K/BB ratio, I think he's probably done.