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Things on a Thursday morning

T.R. Sullivan has an article this morning on the team's search for reinforcements...

Sullivan indicates that the Rangers want to add someone who will be around past this season, which is going to make it a little more difficult to make a deal, and raise the price.

Sullivan also has an interesting list of minor leaguers who the Rangers aren't willing to deal:

That means the Rangers remain adamantly opposed to trading certain untouchables within the farm system, including pitchers Edison Volquez, John Danks and Thomas Diamond, infielder Ian Kinsler, outfielder Jason Botts and catcher Gerald Laird. The Rangers don't plan to call up Laird until September, when the roster is expanded to 40 players, but he remains prominent in their 2005 plans.

Sullivan also mentions A.J. Burnett as a player that the Rangers brass loves, and suggests that he'll be someone the Rangers target in free agency this offseason. Given Burnett's injury history, likely salary requirements (probably somewhere around the 5 years, $65 million the Ho got) and mediocre results, I hope Burnett ends up elsewhere.

Kathleen O'Brien, meanwhile, has a feature where the Rangers players provide their thoughts on the season thusfar.

And Jim Reeves takes John Hart to task for the poor personnel moves over the offseason, and reiterates once again the need for this team to add a piece or two down the stretch.

Reeves mentions a rumor that the D-Rays would part with Danys Baez in exchange for Laynce Nix, a deal I'd be reluctant to make, even though I'm starting to have my doubts that Nix will ever big the player we thought he was going to be.

In the DMN, Evan Grant takes a look at the decisions the Rangers have to make as the season progresses, whether they feel the team is a legit contender or they should start working towards 2006.

And finally, Gerald Laird was named the MVP of the PCL All-Star game last night...

Hopefully, we'll see him back in Texas before September...

Update [2005-7-14 11:58:37 by Adam J. Morris]: -- I corrected an error I made, attributing the Reeves column to Galloway. Thanks to Taylor for pointing out the mistake.