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Isn't Nepotism Great?

Koby Clemens, son of Roger Clemens, has received a $380,000 bonus to sign with the Houston Astros.

Clemens was an 8th round pick, and was viewed as something of an overdraft there...BA ranked him as the 72nd best draft-eligible prospect in the State of Texas, and well outside the overall top 200 prospects (the #29 prospect in Texas was ranked #198 overall). The three prospects ranked immediately ahead of him -- Ryan Hill, Luis Flores, and Stuart Musselwhite -- all went undrafted, while of the three prospects immediately behind him, only one, Michael Griffin, was drafted -- and he went in the 14th round.

$380,000 is an extremely high amount for an 8th round pick...only two other 2005 8th rounders got more than a $100K signing bonus, and Clemens' $380,000 amount is second only to Austin Jackson, a two-sport star who was highly rated but who fell because of signability issues. In the 2004 draft, only one 8th rounder got a signing bonus as high as Clemens did this year, and in the 2003 draft, no 8th rounder got more than $150,000 (the usual signing bonus for an 8th rounder is $50-90K).

The $380,000 bonus that Clemens got was more than the Astros' 3rd and 4th round draft picks received, and is as much as the 5th, 6th and 7th rounders got, combined.

Koby Clemens got well above "slot money", particularly for a prospect that wasn't real highly rated coming out of high school. One has to wonder whether Bud Selig is going to call and chastise the Astros for breaking the salary structure for him.

I'm sure, though, that Clemens' last name had nothing to do with him being drafted so early and getting such a sizable bonus. I'm sure if his name were Koby Smith, and his dad didn't pitch for the Astros, he would have been treated the exact same way...