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Nix to the D.L., Botts up

Laynce Nix is going on the d.l., and Jason Botts is coming up.

Botts, a 24 year old 1B/OF who is probably a future DH in the majors, is hitting .296/.387/.550 for Oklahoma. He's a switch-hitter who has intrigued folks for a while with his plate discipline and power potential, although it was only last season that he really started hitting homers the way the scouts thought he could.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. With Richard Hidalgo and Gary Matthews Jr. both currently getting regular ABs, you'd hope that Botts would get the chance to play every day, with Dellucci playing in the outfield against righthanders and Matthews and Hidalgo sharing time.

I'm a little afraid, though, that Botts is going to simply end up keeping Marshall McDougall company on the bench.

Botts is a big guy with a big swing who strikes out a lot and walks a lot, and guys like that sometimes take some time to make the transition to the next level. I'm looking forward to seeing how Botts handles major league pitching.

Update [2005-7-16 20:37:15 by Adam J. Morris]: Having thought about it for a little bit, I'm starting to think that this may end up being a net upgrade for the Rangers. Botts is, right now a better hitter than Nix, and I don't know that the defensive downgrade from Nix to whichever of the four remaining outfielders plays in center is going to outweigh that difference.