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Monday morning bleah

So, a bad series against the A's, that ended in an ugly fashion, and we now have three at home against the suddenly hot Yankees. Joy.

The only real interesting stuff in the DMN or S-T today appears to be that the Rangers are contemplating calling up someone like R.A. Dickey or C.J. Wilson to fill a long relief role, with possibly Ron Mahay going on the d.l. with the sliced thumb he suffered from cutting a bagel.

Oh, and surprise, surprise, apparently Jason Botts won't be playing anytime soon. The Rangers don't want him in the field, and don't want to move Dellucci out of the DH role against righthanders, so it sounds like Botts won't play until a week from Wednesday, which is the next time the Rangers face a lefty. After all, we wouldn't want the offensive contributions of Richard Hidalgo or Gary Matthews Jr. to be wasted on the bench, would we?

Finally, the Providence Journal has a piece on the BoSox search for a second baseman, particularly with Mark Bellhorn suffering a sprained thumb this weekend. It includes this blurb on Soriano:

Alfonso Soriano, of course, would represent a huge upgrade, and the Texas Rangers are known to be shopping him. But he would cost two of the team's top prospects, a sacrifice they aren't willing to make with the inexpensive Pedroia so close to contributing.

Whether or not the Rangers are shopping Soriano has been an ongoing mystery...but it is interesting that at least one article says he's on the market...