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Cordero blown saves and usage patterns

I didn't realize it until it was mentioned on the ESPN broadcast just now, but Cordero's outing yesterday was the third straight game in which he's pitched.

In the wake of yesterday's blown save, I thought it would be worthwhile to look at what Cordero has done over the past couple of seasons when pitching for the third straight game.

This season, he's had four such outings. He has two blown saves and one save, plus that three run, one inning outing against Toronto right before the ASB. In 4 innings, he's allowed 6 runs.

Cordero threw three straight days only twice last season, with one outing being a 1/3 inning save against Boston, and the second being the Frankie Francisco fiasco game.

So in his last five outings when he's pitching his third game in a row, he's had one save, three blown saves, and one awful outing where the Rangers won, but Cordero pitched poorly.

If you look at it, the problem with Cordero may be, quite simply, he can't pitch three days in a row.