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7/02/05 Game Day Thread

C.J. Wilson (0-2, 8.64 as a starter) against Joel Pineiro (2-3, 5.60).

Gary Matthews replaces Richard Hidalgo in the lineup for the third time in four games. We all know that Hidalgo jerseys aren't flying out of the gift shop, but even with a sub-.700 OPS he's still a better hitter than Matthews. Per Baseball Prospectus's Fielding Runs, he's also played better right-field defense.

Also, for reasons unknown to mankind, Matthews is batting sixth, one ahead of Kevin Mench. Does Matthews have Pineiro's number? He's hitless in two at-bats against him, so I'd suggest he does not. Mench, on the other hand, has a line of .267/.313/.667 and two homers in sixteen plate appearances against Pineiro.

Texas remains 6.5 games behind Los Angeles, who held the Royals to three baserunners last night. I believe this picture capably describes Kansas City's effort: