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Ponson, back in the picture...

Remember Sidney Ponson? The guy that the Rangers just had to sign, if they could have finalized the ARod-to-Boston trade? The guy that John Hart has been after ever since he got to Texas, with the Orioles supposedly wanting Blalock or Teixeira in exchange for him?

Well...according to Ken Rosenthal, Ponson to Texas is a hot rumor again. Rosenthal says that the Rangers are talking about sending a "midlevel prospect" to the Orioles in exchange for Ponson, with the Orioles picking up most of the $13 million Ponson is owed through 2006.

This is Ponson's 8th season in the majors. Other than a two year stretch in 2002 and 2003, he's been a sub-par starting pitcher with a big arm and bad work habits.

Yet, John Hart has been enamored with him for years. It is like the Chan Ho Park infatuation...he thinks, somehow, an underachieving pitcher with a live arm is somehow going to transform once he gets to Texas.

The idea of Ponson and the Ho both in this rotation is nauseating.