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Rogers and Ponson...

A couple of interesting things in Evan Grant's notes column this morning...

Kenny Rogers is set to start on Tuesday, and Bud Selig isn't supposed to rule on his appeal until around Wednesday. After that, the player's association is going to file a grievance, which won't be heard until sometime in August, so Rogers' suspension probably won't begin for another few weeks.

Second, while it was widely reported that John Hart wanted to sign Sidney Ponson in 2003, Grant reports that the Rangers had a handshake deal with Ponson, which fell through when the ARod-to-Boston deal didn't happen.

Unfortunately, Grant also says that there are discussions of the Marlins getting Ponson from Baltimore and then sending him to Texas, with the Rangers picking up a "significant" portion of his contract, in exchange for giving up a low-level prospect. That's not good...

Kathleen O'Brien also talks about the Ponson situation in the S-T, suggesting that Hidalgo could go to either Baltimore or whatever team ends up with Ponson, along with a mid-level prospect, in exchange for Ponson.

Let me reiterate...I do not want Sidney Ponson here. Hart dodged a bullet when he ended up not being able to sign Ponson before the 2004 season, but he seems intent on snatching defeat from the jaws of that particular victory by trading for Ponson anyway.

Also in the S-T piece, Jon Daniels continues to insist that the Rangers aren't interested in moving Soriano. I hope that that is simply spin for the press, and not the truth.

Of course, for all this talk about trading to get better this year, Tom Hicks apparently said (in an interview with Chuck Cooperstein on Friday), in response to a question about Mike Young and Mark Teixeira wanting management to make some moves to help the team, that "they" would simply have to play better.

Not a sign that Hicks expects any improvements this year.

And not, it seems, a real constructive comment to pass on to the two best players on your team.