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The Padres need a catcher...

Ken Rosenthal's latest Inside Dish leads with the Padres' mess of a catching situation, given Ramon Hernandez's season-ending surgery:

The Padres are expected to acquire a catcher Thursday, and the player they add likely will be a defensive specialist with major league experience who currently is at Class AAA, the Sporting News has learned.

This kind of scares me, because Gerald Laird is a defensive specialist with major league experience who is currently at AAA. And Grady Fuson, who 1) drafted Laird, and 2) orchestrated the trade to bring him to Texas, is now in the Padre front office. I'm very worried about the idea of the Rangers sending Laird to San Diego.

On the other hand, I would love to see Texas try to foist Rod Barajas on the Padres. Barajas has been solid defensively, has hit this year, and is arb-eligible at the end of the season, at a price that means he likely is going to be non-tendered by the Rangers. If we could get a B- prospect for Barajas, that would be great.

Rosenthal also has this to say about the Soriano situation:

Rival executives are skeptical of the Rangers' claim that they want to keep second baseman Alfonso Soriano and perhaps sign him to a contract extension rather than trade him. One executive from a team that has spoken with the Rangers predicts flatly that Soriano will be "gone" by the deadline. Another G.M. notes that the Rangers frequently disguise their intentions, saying one thing, doing another. . . .