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This morning's trade buzz

Still smoke surrounding the Rangers, but no trades yet...

Evan Grant reports that the Mets had two scouts who watched all four games of the Baltimore series this week, and suggests that Rangers management may be reluctant to pull the trigger because they feel they are still in the playoff hunt.

Kevin Sherrington advocates trading Soriano, but he says it is because the Rangers need pitching more than a good second baseman, which misses the point. He also says that "Soriano is one of the best offensive players in baseball," which is clearly not true, and says that Victor Zambrano is "only 30" and "could be dominant," ignoring the fact that 30 is post-prime and that Zambrano has had plenty of time to develop into a dominant pitcher already.

In other media reports, the Newark Star-Ledger is saying that the Mets are "determined" to land Soriano, while the New York Post says talks have "cooled", and the Daily News and Newsday indicate that nothing is happening on the Soriano to the Mets front.

Also in the New York Post, Joel Sherman quotes an A.L. g.m. as saying:

"Texas is going to trade [Soriano]. It is just a matter of when, this week or in the offseason."

Dan Shaughnessy in the Boston Globe says that the BoSox should try to trade Manny Ramirez for Mark Teixeira, proving that stupid trade suggestions are not just limited to internet message boards.

Meanwhile, several Chicago papers say that the Cubs are now strong contenders in the Soriano sweepstakes, with Will Carroll passing along a report from the Chicago ESPN affiliate that a deal sending Soriano to Chicago is close.

Please, please, PLEASE...I want Jerome Williams here...