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The Ho is gone?

The Rangers Ho-less, and it feels so good...

Numerous reports indicate that the Ho is gone, to San Diego for Phil Nevin.

Earlier this week I suggested sending Barajas to San Diego for Nevin, with the Padres eating most of Nevin's contract, but this deal is even better.

From the sounds of it, the Rangers will make up the difference between the Ho's contract and Nevin's contract, and that is fine.

Nevin has been awful this year, but historically has been a terrific hitter who has crushed lefties. If nothing else, Nevin may be able to provide a quality platoon partner at the DH slot, and the move from the extreme pitcher's environment in San Diego to Texas may help revive his bat. And Nevin was someone who, last winter, I advocated trying to pick up in the real deal.

So if this goes down this way, kudos to John Hart for getting this deal done...