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Trade deadline thoughts

About 16 hours to go before the trade deadline, and according to New York Newsday, the Soriano to the Mets deal is pretty much dead.

I've got to think that is going to be hard for the Rangers to stand pat at this point, because they aren't good enough, as they currently sit, to make a playoff push, but if they aren't going to make a playoff push, they should probably deal Soriano (and maybe GMJ).

Steve Phillips, on ESPN earlier this week, said Hart is one of the best at misdirection, hiding his intentions and springing moves. I'm hoping that that is the case right now, because the only way the Mets seem likely to get back in on Soriano is if the Manny Ramirez deal falls through, and Minaya calls Hart 30 minutes before the deadline and says, "Okay, we'll give you Petit and Milledge." That seems unlikely...

The Cubs and Twins have both been interested, reportedly, but the Twins apparently are lowballing -- the reported offer is Kyle Lohse, J.C. Romero, and Bret Boone, a package not nearly good enough to move Soriano -- and the Cubs are apparently wanting to make busted centerfielder Corey Patterson the centerpiece.

So at this point, if I had to guess, I'm going to say that the Rangers don't deal Soriano. The Mets would have been the most logical scenario, it seems to me, but either Hart overplayed his hand with them or Minaya lost interest in Soriano when Manny came available.

If the Rangers are going to make a deal, I wouldn't be surprised if it were with a team who hasn't been circulating in these rumors lately...someone like the Yankees, the Giants, maybe the Astros or Cards coming out of nowhere, like the Padres did with the Ho.

And on a related note, Jamie Moyer vetoed a trade that would send him to the Astros for prospects. I'm going to keep an eye out over at our friends at Lookout Landing, and see if there is the same sort of tantrum throwing over there as we were seeing when Kenny Rogers vetoed a trade a while back...