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The S-T on the Soriano situation

According to Kathleen O'Brien, a Rangers official thinks the odds are Soriano stays in Texas. Not good news.

Perhaps more troubling, though, is this snippet from the article:

Matthews is the Rangers' only real center fielder, with Laynce Nix out for the year. Besides, as several in the organization have asked: Is the Mets' Mike Cameron -- mentioned prominently in the Soriano trade talk -- much of an upgrade over Matthews, particularly considering that Cameron is due more than $7 million next year? Cameron is hitting .260 with 32 RBI, 10 home runs and a .337 on-base percentage; Matthews is batting .263 with 32 RBI, 11 home runs and a .314 on-base percentage.

Please, please, please tell me that the decision makers in the Rangers organization aren't really questioning how much of an upgrade Cameron is over Matthews. Matthews is a mediocre defensive centerfielder, at best, a guy better suited to the corner outfield spots. Cameron has historically been one of the best defensive centerfielders in baseball, although there is some question about whether age and injuries have slowed him down of late. Meanwhile, in comparing their offensive production, one has to take into account the enormous difference in park effects.

Gil LeBreton, meanwhile, demands that the Rangers: 1) trade Soriano, 2) get pitching in return, and 3) fleece the other team in the process.

Good luck with that...